Petroleum geology and geophysics for other disciplines
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Learn the fundamental principles and methods of petroleum geology and geophysics.

With the onshore discoveries plummeting, offshore will be the main focus, particularly in deeper waters or in more remote locations, where the harsher climate and water depth will certainly pose greater challenges.

This 3-day course is intended to help participants understand the fundamental principles and methods of petroleum geology and geophysics, which is the key to success in oil and gas exploration and field development. You will be introduced to the theory and methods of petroleum geology and geophysics at a readily accessible level, gain further insight by seeing how the professions have evolved since their early days, and continue to advance as we explore in more challenging environments. The information will be presented in a clear, concise fashion with class interaction, exercises and real world examples.

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Attend this course to Master:

  • Understand how geology and geophysics are essential to the success of the petroleum industry.
  • How to recognize the components of the structure of the Earth.
  • Increase understanding of fundamental aspects of oil and gas exploration and development.
  • How to identify the main rock types, their origins and their roles in petroleum generation and entrapment.
  • How to describe the main features of geology, such as structural geology, stratigraphy and geological time.
  • Knowledge of sedimentary basins and their global distribution within a plate tectonic setting; their significance in terms of hydrocarbon occurrence.
  • Basic principles of petroleum generation, hydrocarbon migration, oil and gas traps and the relevance of the timing of these events, all set within a Play Fairway and Petroleum System Analysis framework.
  • Global distribution of reserves, transportation and refining.
  • Field Development.
  • How to pick good geology from poor geology.
  • Requirements for a petroleum system.
  • The methods used by geologists and geophysicists to discover petroleum.
  • The integration of all geological / geophysical / engineering data to increase the chances of finding oil and gas in economic quantities.
  • Appreciate how the subsurface is imaged and  the strengths and limitations of the methods -  and thereby better appreciate exploration and development risk.
  • Better equipped to make decisions based on a knowledge of what is to be done and why.( Regulator, analysts, community or etc).
  • Better interpretation of press releases and geological reports.
  • Explore, apply and benchmark international case-studies, examples, strategies that can be apply immediately in your workplace.
  • Fundamentals of Earth Science
  • Petroleum Geology
  • Drilling
  • Petroleum Geophysics
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Field Development, Transportation and Refining
The information presented will be of value to anyone wanting a better understanding of the fundamental exploration methods that lie at the heart of the petroleum industry. There are no prerequisites to attend this course, and will be beneficial to business professionals from various industries including:


·         Accounting

·         Business development strategies

·         Service providers to oil and gas Industries (Geology ,Geophysics and Technology)

·         General management

·         Finance and administration

·         Government agencies

·         Marketing and publicity

·         Investment

·         Supply chain

·         Journalist

·         Tender /Contract 

·         Planning and budgeting

·         Engineering services and others who like to know more about successful investment in oil and gas

For details, information on facilitator and the full course outline, please refer to the attached brochure.

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