Achieving Assets Data Integrity - How to audit, cleanse and populate your CMMS to achieve data integrity
08 Jun - 10 Jun, 2016 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam SGD 2995 Closed
Following information: Venue at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | Training Date from 08 Jun 2016 till 10 Jun 2016
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Master best practices in building CMMS data during the pre-optional phase, or when carrying out major clean ups of the equipment, spares data and good cataloguing process as well as writing effective PM job plans.

Building a proper Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is crucial, because if poorly executed, it could lead to a long-term problem that would require time and cost-consuming re-working. Often times, poorly built CMMS result from lack of proper standards and guidelines, leading those involved do what they believe is the right way.

Conducted by a facilitator with extensive experience in CMMS implementations, this 3-day event by Petro1 will train delegates in the best practices in building the CMMS data during the pre-optional phase, or when carrying out major clean ups of the equipment, and spares data ( by downloading the data from the CMMS to Excel). In addition, we will also cover writing effective PM job plans that. This workshop will also utilize Microsoft Access and Excel for practical exercises.

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Attend this course to Master:

  • Better understanding on how to audit the quality of your CMMS data.
  • Effective process on how to build a populated CMMS with quality data and includes all aspects equipment, attributes, failures code structures, PMs and Spares.
  • Creating the spares inventory data, and good cataloguing process.
  • Understand how to achieve good cataloguing of spares, perhaps the activity carried out badly the most.
  • Deciding on the equipment level to raise the preventive routines.
  • Setting up performance standard for safety critical items.
  • Conduct equipment and spares building without using consultants, or be able to manage data builds carried out by consultants.
  • Write more effective and quality preventive maintenance job plans
  • Develop simple database in MS access and same techniques that can be used to build other applications, including slick tricks.
  • Applicable for company who want to build good quality data before mapping the data to CMMS (Maximo, SAP, Datastream and etc.)

  • Introduction and common problems
  • Data handling Techniques in Excel
  • Using MS Access to build Equipment and Spares Database
  • Codes used in Maintenance & Material systems
  • Developing the Asset Register
  • Failure Coding System
  • Building Equipment Attributes
  • Developing the Spares Database
  • Creating PMs
  • Safety Critical Elements and Assurance Tasks
  • Auditing the Build Process
  • Review of workshop and Delegates Action Plans

  • Maintenance and support engineers
  • Maintenance planners
  • CMMS engineers, planners and IT administrators
  • Project engineers responsible for specifying, buying spares and setting up the spares information in the CMMS
  • PMS and equipment Engineers
  • Spares personnel
  • Anyone who want to understand how to achieve an effective CMMS system

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