ENERGY1 - Advanced Solution to Transformer Life Cycle Management
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Following information: Venue at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Training Date from 06 Nov 2017 till 08 Nov 2017
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Optimize your transformers life time cycle from spec. to scrap through implementation of life management and life extension strategies

This 3-day workshop aims to provide a thorough understanding of transformer life management and life extension strategies. Understanding of transformer characterization and working principle will be the essential foundation before proceeding with development of management strategies. Overview of transformer design and mechanical construction will also be presented to give comprehensive representation of transformer’s features. The trainer will also focus on the cycle from purchasing to commissioning of a new transformer as this will ensure the correct design and quality from beginning.

Following that, various implementations of new diagnostic techniques will be presented. Systematic and detailed studies on each diagnostic technique along with appropriate interpretation of these studies will lead to early detection of transformer failure. Subsequently, a certain degree of preventive actions can be implemented for such condition. This workshop will also include a study of “Substance assessment of transformer”. The relation of the technical assessment and financial assessment will also be covered in this training as engineers nowadays have to look after the financial point.

Delegates will have an opportunity to learn useful methods to assess transformer’s useful lifetime strength. Furthermore, acquisition of latest practical knowledge and application with regards to transformer optimization, i.e. “Optimized Asset Exploitation (OAE)” will also be one of the highlights of this workshop. The course facilitator will attend to specific queries and provide practical recommendations for particular transformer condition. Overall, this workshop will serve as a platform as an advanced course to answer the needs for optimized transformer operation in various industries.
MASTER the necessary knowledge and complexities of:
  • UNDERSTANDING basics knowledge about transformer design, variations, and types in order to understand the specific background.
  • Critical evaluation measurement results for condition assessment
  • MAINTENANCE strategies time base, event based, condition based in connection to the above the actual ageing condition will be clarified and the ageing behavior of transformers discussed.
  • How to understand and deal with ageing behavior with preservation schemes and residual life time calculations.
  • ECONOMICS versus ECOLOGY will be discussed in order to give the attendees also the necessary knowledge to defend the minor investment in monitoring and preservation as necessary effort in order to prevent their company from bigger losses by unforeseen break downs or even fatal catastrophes.
  • IMPROVE life extension strategies and treatment ageing of transformer
  • CASE STUDIES AND EXAMPLE: There will show on base of examples and case studies what is possible, what can be done and last not least, what is the profit of a well-planned Transformer population management.
  • Transformer life cycle management
  • Purchasing transformers
  • At and after commissioning
  • Transformers in service and maintenance strategies
  • Time based versus condition based maintenance
  • Mapping vs. Assessment
  • The case studies are focused on giving examples to the above discussed topics. On real examples will be shown, how wrongly understood limit values can produce false alarms on the one hand and wrongly maintained transformers will give harmless data, even they are found in critical condition.
This workshop is specially designed for those who are involved in developing and implementing life maintenance strategies of transformers in their plant. These include:
  • Maintenance Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
  • Asset Management
  • Facilities Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
  • Utility Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
  • Plant Maintenance Head
  • Plant Supervisors/ Managers/ Engineers
  • Electrical Maintenance Managers/ Engineers
  • Electrical and Test Managers/ Engineers
  • Head of Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Production Managers/Supervisors/Engineers
  • Operations Managers/ Supervisors/ Engineers
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