ENERGY1 - Managing Process Quality to drive World Class Customer Performance
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In today’s complex product manufacturing, the old approach to QC controls simply no longer apply. Using the traditional standards for
QC batch controls, etc to AQL target levels simply DO NOT guarantee steady Quality levels.

Processes are so much more complex now that a very detailed continuous measurement approach is required to monitor at component
failure level up to full product level. This requires very detailed process mapping and appropriate use of data to drive continual
improvement and utilize for predicting expected improvement in customer Early Life failure levels.

Course attendees will learn from a range of case studies used in training material how to set up most efficient forms of process
measurement and effective management.

Attendees will be given the Reliability Solutions calculation models used in the training to use in their own laptops during the education and in the group assignments.

The course provides a very structured and modern-day approach to process quality optimization and how to use data to predict
customer escape levels. This course will allow some excellent benchmarking with other top company approaches and teaches how to
implement from bottom up.

Participants will walk away with the ability to:
  • Determine how to set up your process control measurements and used of data
  • Introduction into using the most effective 6 sigma tools`
  • Using Target setting to drive continual improvement
  • Using in process measurements to manage suppliers and remove need for incoming inspection
  • Understanding how to use process data for predicting factory escape rates to customer
  • Apply DOE to optimize complex parts of the process
  • Making OQA less critical and minimizing dependence on Quality ‘catching’ all the defects
  • Controlling New Product Introduction
  • Driving COST REDUCTION through savings
  • Reliability Solutions calculation models that can be instantly applied in your own environments
Attend this course to Master:
  • Determining the Importance of Process Mapping to control Process Quality
  • Understanding why detailed process measurement is so important
  • Using PFMEA to plan the best process
  • Applying the appropriate 6 Sigma tools to improve process quality
  • Using Process Yield data to predict escape levels to the field and Early Life Reliability
  • Making sure you set up the correct and effective Management Reporting
  • Identifying why Process Quality controls Early Life Warranty failure levels
  • Using Design of Experiments (DOE) to optimize process quality
  • Measuring New Product Introduction and ensuring maximum process quality
Session 1: Introduction to Process Mapping and Setting Up Process Measurement
Session 2: Scoring the Process to Rate Level of Quality Control, Effective Case Studies
Session 3: Understanding the Use of the Appropriate 6 Sigma Tools to Drive Process Improvement
Session 4: How to Set Up a Continual Improvement Program
Session 5: Applying PFMEA Prior to Start of Mass Production

Session 6: Managing suppliers within process measurements
Session 8: Applying DOE with Fractional Factorial Design to optimize processes
Session 9: Controlling New Product Introduction (NPI) and using a unique scoring matrix to assess readiness for Mass Production
Session 11: Workshop with attendees who will be given a task of deciding how to set up a new manufacturing process control approach
This course is designed for process engineers and managers who will have some responsibility for setting up process
quality control methods, supplier quality management, quality assurance, customer quality management.
  • Product Quality managers, engineers
  • Product Quality managers, engineers
  • Customer Quality engineers
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Product Engineers
  • Professionals who are involved in managing the process quality.
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