Advance Reservoir Simulation Technologies
06 Apr - 10 Apr, 2015 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia SGD 5295 Closed
Following information: Venue at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Training Date from 06 Apr 2015 till 10 Apr 2015
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Learn and master various subjects in reservoir simulation that will be essential to reservoir management and future development decisions.

Dynamic reservoir models are important when investigating reservoir behaviour, optimizing reservoir performance, designing complex wells, estimating uncertainties and providing the basis for risk management. New developments, such as unstructured gridding, combined with new simulation techniques, eliminate most of the drawbacks of conventional simulation methods and make prediction more reliable.

This 5 days course on Advance Reservoir Simulation Technologies will cover various subjects in reservoir simulation, including structural modelling, gridding, well design, history matching and uncertainty analysis. It will equip you with knowledge of how these tools are very essential in reservoir managements and future development decisions.

Unique features of this training:

Participants will learn about various algorithms, concepts and possible uses of reservoir simulators. With an emphasis on practical application, you will learn how to derive fluid flow equations, selecting numerical methods and solve the equations. Practical examples and case studies that show how to make a field scale simulation models will also be shown.

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Attend this course to Master:

       The main equations which are the backbones of reservoir simulators.

       Artefacts and the benefits of reservoir simulation

       Essential data we need for reservoir simulations and its impact on accuracy of simulation results.

       Different gridding technologies, their advantages and disadvantages

       Modelling structural elements in simulation, faults, channels, fractures etc.

       Different History matching approaches and uncertainty analysis.

       Geo-statistical reservoir modelling.

       Black-oil vs. compositional simulation

       Upscaling and upgrading in reservoir simulation.


·         History and classification of reservoir simulators

·         Rock properties and saturation functions

·         Upgridding and upscaling

·         General purpose formulation and discretisation methods used for black-oil and EOS compositional simulators

·         Gridding

·         Modeling structural elements in simulation

·         Representing wells in the reservoir simulation model

·         History matching

·         Compositional reservoir simulation

·         Simulation of fractured reservoir, numerical model, matrix-fracture exchange, recovery processes

·         Geo-statistic and reservoir simulation

·         How to make a simple simulator?

·         Case studies


       Senior / Experienced reservoir engineer

       Production engineers who want to gain more knowledge when involve in reservoir engineering discussions

A basic knowledge of reservoir simulation, stochastic modelling, upscaling and some experience in the use of commercial reservoir simulators is a prerequisite for this course.

For details, information on facilitator and the full course outline, please refer to the attached brochure.

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